Power Defence

For this project we were given the complete freedom te make what we wanted within only 3 weeks, so we had to manage our time well.

This project was interesting because we were given no limits gameplay wise. We had the idea to make a tower defense game, but with a special feature: turret power consumption. Every tower used power to power up and upgrade, so when your base is under assault from different directions you need to manage your towers well in order to survive.


Power Defence:

  • Tower Defence game
  • Power managing
  • 3 different types of turret
    • Machinegun
    • Disruptor
    • Railgun
  • 3 different types of enemies
    • Jeep
    • Medium tank
    • Heavy tank

Our creatives:

  • Tim Wopereis
  • Rik Broekmate
  • Andy Landus

Our techies:

  • Jeroen van Dragt
  • Henk-Jan Bonke
  • Christian Kleinheerenbrink

Project made in Unity3D using C#.

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