Terra Orbita

The Game:

Terra Orbita is a project for the HEIM Technical museum in Hengelo (OV), in The Netherlands, we were tasked with informing children aged 6 to 16 of both genders, of different detection methods. The game will be played on a touchscreen, where children can log in and then play the game, have a good time and also learn something in the process.

Here we thought of a space orbit cleaner, where the player has to fly around the orbit of Earth to clean it of flying debris and meteoroids.

  • Switch between radar and infrared
    • Infrared to see drillable meteoroids
    • Radar to see metal debris
  • Clean earth’s orbit
  • Avoid incoming meteorites
  • Do all the missions to upgrade your ship to the max.
  • Get as many points as possible to beat your friends highscores

My tasks:

My tasks were to lead the team in the right direction, make the final choices of wether to implement stuff or leave it out, because of our limited timespan. I also did the programming of the detection methods and implementation of the game to the backend of the museum.

Our creatives:

  • Tim Wopereis
  • Rik Broekmate
  • Andy Landus

Our techies:

  • Jeroen van Dragt
  • Henk-Jan Bonke
  • Christian Kleinheerenbrink
  • Alexander Elzinga

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